different strengths for different cables?

Hi All,

I want to bi-amp my speakers, and I'm wondering are there some cables better for low and midrange frequencies and others for the higher/est ranges of sound? I'd like to get the absolute most out of my system, and i thought this might be of some help.

Thanks in advance for the help.
Yes, different cables do have different strengths and weaknesses. All you have to do is match them to your application and budget. And you can apply the same thinking to the amplifiers, also, if you are doing a horizontal bi-amp configuration as opposed to vertical bi-amping.

A lot of folks like to use a powerhouse solid-state or digital amp on the bass and a sweet tube amp on the midrange and highs. Of course that is not the only recipe for good sonic performance. Experimentation is the name of the game.

Since you have not given any particulars about your system or budget no one can give you any specific advice.
I forgot to mention that cable interactions are very complex and a certain combination of cables that works great in one system might not work nearly as well in the next.

And all the system cables seem to work together, which means that the interconnects must be compatible with the speaker cables and the AC cords.

When one lacks experience, a little trial and error may be the next best thing...
I'll be biamping from four out of seven amp channels on an Arcam AVR. They are all rated identically. Good info about making sure the compatibility of all the interconnect components.

What about the materials of the interconnects? Silver, copper, etc. Do some of them function better at certain frequencies?

Hi Rustler - maybe I can help. Your question about bi-amping the speakers is valid, but I have to tell you - my experience as well as my customers' experience is that you are going to be less than enthralled with the results, particularly with the Arcam. Yes - in theory this allows you to double the power/current, but in practice, the difference between single channel/speaker and dual channel/speaker is very. very slight. Experiment if you want, but I would do it on a limited expense basis first so you aren't disappointed AND out a lot of money.
many thanks jwpstayman. I'll give it a try, but not at any great expense. Any particular reason why you singled out the Arcam?

Because we handle Arcam, my customers and I have had some experience with this unit.