Differences between Dynavector P75 MKI and MKII?

Has anyone compared the two? Can you share your experiences?

I plan to use it with a Dyna DV20XL ona spacedeck/spacearm set up.
The MK 2 is laid out a little differently internally ; it is easier to change the jumper settings ; it will also suit a slightly wider range of carts than Mk 1.Sonically there is little to choose between the 2. Maybe the MK2 is slightly more refined , especially with treble response . I had a Mk1 for years as on of my phono stages; developed a hum somewhere in my system that my dealer and i couldn't eliminate ( believe me , we tried everything). Put a mark 2 out of " well , we've tried everything else" - lo and behold , hum gone. The MK 2 is more flexible to use and mayae sounds s bit better but not by much.Should be a great match for your DV20.hope this is of some use.

There is nothing better than experiences from user who owned both versions.