Difference between B&K AVR507 and 507 Series 2 ?

Can anyone describe the differences between the AVR507 and AVR507 Series 2? One thing I notice is that the Series 2 drops the THX Ultra 2 certification. Anybody know why? Also, is it true that the Series 2 adds video transcoding? Thanks in advance...
I called B&K to ask those very same questions because I had my 307 upgraded last year (it's now referred to as a 317) to 507 status. I wanted to know if I needed another upgrade. I was told that most of the improvements were related to video, which I don't use now(all my video connections are direct and the B&K is only used for audio). Call them and ask.
Video is the major change-it now does transcoding-or what some manufactures refer to as upconversion-which is misleading. It mearly converts composite and s signals to componetent-for convenience.
Its other changes are in the bass managment. It is futher refined with 3 v/s 1 notch filter on the older reciever. It is much more tuneable with problem rooms or rooms with problem bass...Also, now you have the ability to apply bass at whatever frequency you wish-+ or -6db not only globally-like you can with the older one, but now you can tell the reciever which speakers to apply it to or not to...
B&K opted not to pay thx this year there stupidly high rates for their badge of approval-thus no THX logo or procesing-per say-it is not labeled as such...BUT the amps didnt change...I own the non s2 version. I just ordered to s2 version for my dad, And I am a dealer and play with both of these recievers every day...So I hope this helps...Scott
What is the cost of the upgrade to series 2? How do you go about it? Do you have to send it to the company or can the local dealer do it?