Difference betweeen Aragon 4004 Mark I and Mark II

Does any one know the differences between the original Aragon 4004 and the Mark II ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
One thing is the replacement of the fire prone carbon emitter resistors to a non flamable type.

Thanks for the response. I am thinking of getting a used original 4004. Based on your response, I should be looking for the Mark II version then. I can live with a lower performance amp but I don't want to worry about resistors damage.
If the emitter resistors are "flaming", the amp has a LOT more problems to worry about than just a few smoked resistors. That's because those resistors will only "flame" when the transistors are damaged / on their last leg. As such, you can replace the resistors if / when you have to replace the transistors. Granted, this is a problem that should have been addressed with the original design, but at the same time, it will only happen under specific "high stress" situations. Sean
What effect does it have on the sound if any and why can you not do the replacement yourself if it's only a few resistors before the output?

Just thinking?
Another difference is the use of a bias system that adjusts itself to changes in line voltage in the Mk II.

This is the first I've heard of flaming resistors!
I had a 2004 Mark I for over 10 years and never had a single problem with the unit. It now serves duty in my brother's system, continuing to function flawlessly. You can check with aragon about the difference. They have very good customer service.
If I am not mistaken, I have an add and the stereophile review and it does mention that there are some 36 new parts added to the mk 2!

Good luck