Difference: Accuphase DP500 Or Esoteric X-03 SE

Hi guys,

Anyone has experience both cd players ? I have heard DP500 many times and quite frankly I enjoy the sound.
I read that ESO sound is as bit as good as Accuphase but different.
Care to comment on how the Dp500 might differ from X03 SE ?
Thanks for the inputs

DP-500 is Flavor #2 and Esoteric is a classic flavor #1 sound.

If you are not familiar with "flavors", here is an explanation:

"Category #1) These DACS "flavors" revolve around pristine clarity, fine sharp details,speed,very extended top/bottom frequencies,and great PRAT. These DACS never sound "etched" or "in your face" but are more "upfront" then "layed back" in their presentation. The DACS, to my ear's, that go into this bracket are Dcs,Ensemble,Meitner. My personnal favorite in this group is the Ensemble, which I owned for two years. These DACS remind me of the sonic signature of speakers such as Wilson,Thiel,Dynaudio, Focal/JM Labs. Category #2) These DACS "flavors" revolve around a "musical/organic" sense, natural timbres,and an easy flowing liquidity. Their "less forward" presentation my give the impression of less detail, but I think in this case its an illusion fostered by their more relaxed/organic manner. The DACS, to my ear's, that go into this bracket are Audio Note,Zanden,Reimyo,Accustic Arts. I did find that the tube DACS did not have the top/bottom frequency extenstion and PRAT of the SS DACS in this bracket."
thanks for the reply. It seems both are different enough that for different type pf music and systems they would appeal.

In a way if one can afford, owning both flavour would be good. Different music genres would appeal to either taste.

thanks again for the inputs.

In terms of performance, are these two DP500 and X03 se at par ?