Did anyone hear the new Constellation 1.0 pre ?

Did anyone hear the new Constellation 1.0 pre ? Can you refer to which pre did you compare it with ?
Thanks in advance to all repliers.
I would love to hear some opinions on this has well. I hope to hear one for myself in a couple of weeks.
The 1.0 Pre is very good, however I'd suggest you give a Tortuga LDR preamp/attenuator a listen. I'm using their LDR1B balanced unit. It has the deep bass power and definition that I've only previously heard in active preamps. Very wide and deep sound stage.

It has a software controlled self-calibration system that ensures that the attenuation curve remains spot-on. The newest software also includes user adjustable input impedance with a range of 1k to 99k (se) or 2k to 298k (balanced). You can switch input impedance on the fly from the remote and can save up to five impedance settings.