Devore Super 8's or Nines w/ Jolida 302?

Anyone have opinion and/or experience with pairing a Jolida 302 with the Devore Super 8's or the Devore Nines? I have a rather large listening room (30 x 18). Thanks in advance.
Go for the Nines....your space is large. My Super 8s are more than enough for my 13 x 19 room.
Byegolly, 30 X 18 would definitely warrant the bigger Nines. My room is 12 X 23, and I am thinking Nines. I would not hesitate to go Silverbacks, but my price range is around the Nines. I assume your ceilings are standard 8 feet, since you didn't specify.
Go for the Nines without any room is 33x15 and I tried both Super 8s and Nines. I bought the Nines and love them.