Devore Gibbon 88 v. PMC Twenty-23

I'm looking to upgrade speakers for a system in a second home and looking for some advice. I have a very small listening area - speakers only 6' apart and 8' from listening chair, can only get them at most 18" from back wall. Have been using inexpensive standmounts but interested in floorstanders with a small footprint (might as well put money into the actual speakers rather than the stands, for the same size footprint). I've auditioned the Gibbon 88s and really like them. Would like to also audition the PMCs but the nearest dealer is over three hours away so not sure if it's worth the trip. I guess I prefer speakers that are fast and detailed, with a decent bottom end, but I'm not really a bass-hog. Listen mostly to acoustic/electric guitar, blues, classic rock, jazz and vocals, in that order. System - Prima Luna Dialogue Premium integrated (KT-120 tubes), Music Hall 9.1 with Ortofon 2M black and Croft RIAA MM phono pre-amp, Audience 24e interconnects, Nordost Purple Flare speaker cables. Also using a Marantz SA8003 SACD player with AQ Sydney cables, although system is mostly for listening to vinyl. Appreciate your thoughts.

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I haven't heard the Gibbon 88 but I own the Gibbon 9 (no longer made), and I can't say enough good things about them. They are fantastic with tubes or solid state. In one room, I had them only about 18 inches from the back wall and there was no problem, and I am usually very sensitive to room boundary interactions. My understanding is the 88s are designed to work well in smaller rooms. Based on reviews, I would suspect the PMCs might be more of the "fast and detailed" speakers, but I went from the very fast and detailed Verity Parsifals to the Devores and don't miss a thing.
That's why I went with the 9s, I felt the 8 (which I think was replaced by the 88) would have been a touch lean for my tastes. My understanding is the bass has been extended from the 8 to the 88s. You might want to actually look into finding a pair of used 9s, they would still work well in your room and I doubt if you'd want a subwoofer.
Well that's another consideration. Not only are the Devores more sensitive, but they have a very benign, 8-ohm impedence and match well with tubes. I also use the Prima Luna Dialogue and it's a wonderful combination. And 33 hz ain't too shabby. Best wishes, let us know if you get to hear the PMCs.
Actually, I got it with the KT88s. I decided on those because one of my long-time amps, a small Antique Sound Labs, uses 2 KT88s for 15 watts per channel and it sounds fantastic with the Devores. The Dialogue with the KT88s has that same natural, spacious sound, but provides a little more punch. I'm thinking of ordering some KT120s for the Dialogue, because I've never heard them before.