Denon vs Yamaha as Pre/Pro

What are your thoughts on the Denon's 3803 type vs Yamaha V1400 types as a Pre/Pro... which is a better processor. I watch plenty of movies with it, but i am more interested in the stereo quality.... any opinions would be appreciated....
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That's going to be close. Historically, as receivers go(considering driving internal amps), Denon's have been more warm/full bodied, with slightly less extension, while Yam's have been more "coolish" sounding, if hollow in the midrange a bit, and a bit bright overall. AS pre/pro's from their pre-out's into another amp, that you might have to just try! I would start with the less expensive V1400(Actually, I'm familiar with RXV1400) and try that from it's pre-out's! The Yamah's probably are Ok if you just run from a digital connection. I think you could sell otherwise.
My suggestion however, is to forget all of the above and buy a superior (with more features for audiophile grade sonics) Outlaw 950 pre/pro and be done with it!...forget the receivers!
Receivers are notorious for being less dynamic with higher noise floors from their pre-out's! Better separates pre/pro's usually offer better channel separation, better dynamics, better signal to noise ratio (i.e, quieter), and better refinement often(depending of course). Still, if you could pick up say a $500-700 receiver for say $300, it might be worth a try. Otherwise, the Outlaw is going to be superior for dirt cheep. Good luck!
The Denon 3803 in Pure Direct mode sound great, I use the pre outs with an external power amp.
If you have a crappy Cdp, this receiver has Burr Brown DAC's that can help out.