Denon/Rotel combination related question

I recently bought a vintage Denon POA-1500 power amp to drive my Polk SDA 1Bs. I have also listened to Rotel set ups and thought the sound was beautiful. To that end I was thinking about the RC 1090 pre amp teamed up with the 1072 CD player. The Pre and CD player add up to about $1,700. From your experiences sound like a good match? But also, what alternatives would you recommend I test drive based on the the Denon rig at around $1,700. Also, considering the set up $ value, what type of interconnects would you recommend. As you can see, I'm a novice at the desk of the experts. Thanks much, Dave
For flexibility how about the Rotel RA-1062 integrated which was voiced together with the RCD-1072? It makes the RCD-1072 more dynamic and has pre-outs for running that Denon.
*reviews* RA-1062/RCD-1072 pairing if of interest.
Clbeanz, Thanks for your insights and the links. Based on your comments and those of Mr. Gene DellaSala (Audioholics)curious as to why the RA-1060 integrated amp provides a more dynamic performance then the Rotel pre-amp family? But I intend to spend this weekend tracking down the RA-1062/RCD-1072 setup with a few CD in my pocket. Also, another follow-on question, I'm currently having my basement wired and am having a new circuit board put in. Along with that Im having a surge protector installed at the curcuit board. Also am having dedicated lines from the box directly to the outlets that will power the systems. My question, do you recommend a Monster or similar line cleaner/protector. Stage 3 or above? Again, thanks, Dave
APC has some brand new power conditioners out that sound reasonably priced $299/$399.One has battery back up.The larger one is fan cooled however.
APC Power conditioners Just more products to look into.
I have 2 short dedicated lines,no surge or conditioning, which are first after the meter base and they improved performance in many key areas.I do not run conditioning due very good (IMO)incoming power here.
I have been absolutely happy with the performance of the Rotel RCD-1072 here.If you can get better quality power and lower the noise floor the RCD-1072 rewards with outstanding performance.