Denon DP1000 turntable. Any info appreciated.

I have access to a mint condition Denon DP1000 turntable for a very cheap price ( < 200$ ) . It has been sparingly used since new. I cannot find any info via the web on this unit. Any info appreciated.
Well made Direct Drive table, some still seem to think it competes with belt drives for sound, I won't go that far out on a limb. Durring that era I sold the Dennon and the Luxman tables, I chose the Luxman(replaced a Thorens Td 125) for my self. I then traded that for another belt drive table and never looked back. Some DD tables from that era had speed control problems that croped up after they were a few years old, the Luxman was one of those. I don't know if the Dennon has this ailment.