Denon D-M31 CD-Receiver

This mini system has been highly rated in one of the British hi fi mags for some time. Has anyone heard it hooked up with decent speakers like the new little Epos and can it be purchased in the USA? I want to get my daughter a small good user friendly system for her apartment....any other suggestions out there for about $1000 complete with speakers?
My wife has one on her desk and it's pretty nice. I reviewed the predecessor, DM-30, in Stereophile a while back.
For the same price, Yamaha mini-system is better. It plays louder and clearer. Bass is a little too enthusiastic and thumpy for my taste. But it is a larger box than the Denon.
So I'd suggest letting her listen to both at Tweeter's or Ultimate Audio.
The big problem with the UDM-31 is the DAC. I'm not a big believer in large differences in digital but the Denon DAC was so bad, I would likely upgrade it to a Scott Nixon DAC for $100.00. Notice the better ~$600.00 Denon moves to a separate CDP.
A better speaker will merely show this problem even more.

For $1,000 I'd get the Epos, Monitor Audio Bronze, B&W 601, or Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 for $328, a refurbed Harman Kardon receiver ($190.00 at, NAD, Toshiba, or Marantz CDP. The whole system would run about $700.00. If she can live with a larger system.