Denon 3805 vrs Pioneer Elite Vsx-49TXI

I can get either of these receivers for about the same price. Which one should I buy? I know the Pioneer went for a LOT more money. They are both factory refurbished units.
Also, I can get a Pioneer VSX-47 tx for cheaper---the seller lists this unit as having the same specs as the VSX-49 (130 watts/ch--63lbs) but the shipping charge for the "47" is $29.99 and the shipping charge for the "49" is $78.99 ?????????
The VSX-49TXi is a great receiver and as a "flagship" trounces the VSX-47tx since it uses much better internal components, despite the same power spec. It really does sound like a different animal. Its original retail price was substantially higher and the unit was designed to compete against flagships from Marantz, Denon, Yamaha, Sony etc.

In my opinion, the Denon 3805 can't even touch the 49TXi's sound performance for music. The Denon is very dynamic for movies but sounds sterile and lifeless for music IMHO. If you listen to music, you will be far better served with the 49TXi.
If you were buying from a REAL dealer all of your questions would be anwsered.