Demo'd a few sets of speakers over the past 2 weeks...

Today I heard the Magnapan 1.7s at my local Hi-Fi. I was interested in hearing the new Maggie LRS, but this is the closest they had. It was good but didn't wow me. Big sound stage, but didn't have the punch and dynamics and bass extension I want. Don't think I will pursue the Maggies any further...
I also heard the KEF LS50s. I think they sounded more Dynamic than the Maggies, big sound stage and good imaging for such a small speaker. Great speaker for what it is, but again, didn't wow me.
These speakers were connected to an anthem tube amp and a rogue audio tube pre-amp with built in phono stage (same electronics as with the Maggies). I think this could be a nice pair for a computer desk for near field listening, but just a tad bright for me. Again fantastic for what they are.
Last week demo'd the Golden Ear Reference Towers (about 10K for the pair) and McIntosh electronics in the neighborhood of 15k total. I found it to be musical, but something seemed off tonally couldn't put my finger on it. I was left wanting more.
Lastly, I demo'd the Klipch RP600M as those had been getting rave reviews (folks saying the brightness had been tamed in this model). I still found the treble too bright and fatiguing so I will not be pursuing these any further either. Too bad, as I was hyping these up in my head.

I'll keep looking, but the current set in my living room are still my favorites (Vandersteen 2Cs from 1989). These speakers can still wow me, but want to see if I can do better for not a high cost.
Next, I would like to hear a pair of 3A sigs and Tekton DI. The later my be extremely hard to get a demo without buying them and doing an in-home trial.
bstatmeister's exact words yesterday:

"My understanding is that the 3a sigs with a pair 2wqs get you most of the way there to the 5a's, and if I try hard enough I may be able to get that whole package for under 3k (used) not necessarily all at once and that's fine."
bstatmeister discovers this the next day:
"Also, holy moly! Look at the deal over at the listings site: "

Hello bstatmeister,

     I'm your guardian angel, Tim, and your wish is my command.  Now get your butt out to southern Orange county, Ca and go get your dream used speaker system.  
     I gave it to you for under $3K ($2,800 used but offer $2,500 for the travel costs and I'll make it happen), I gave it to you all at once and I even threw in a pair of M5-HP inline hi-performance crossovers for the pair of 2wqs subs ($1,295 new) just because you've been so good since your embarrassing big screw up last year.
     C'mon, man.  I've been working hard to make this happen for you and you're still sitting on the fence?  If you don't take the deal the Big Guy's going to think I didn't do my job and be all over me.  You know, he's really not as cool as people think.  He's actually kind of a jerk and reminds me of a lot of Tony Soprano.
     So we understand each other, right?  I'm going tell you know who you'll be halfway to Forest Park, Ca. by Friday. Don't let me down cuz I can be kind of devilish, too; "Yeah, I could of sworn he said he wanted to be the Lobster Man in a traveling carnival and married to the Bearded Lady. You think I'd misunderstand a goofy wish like that?" 

You're welcome,
Angel Tim
@nobel100, Yes, LOL. My dear god, that is a f$%#ing fantastic deal. It's more than 30 hours round trip in my car. Besides the amount of time, the biggest hurdle would be my wife's approval (WAF :( ). I think I would need to convince her that I would sell my dad's fly rods to make up for the cost, or somehow get creative with that, but I am gonna see what I can do. Are you AKA  hikmer the seller over on the listing site?

Also, I assume these are the latest iteration of the 3A's? There are no other updates?

Hello statmeister,

     No, I'm not AKA hikmer.  I was just having a little fun and messing with you.
     But I was struck by how quickly exactly what you were looking for suddenly appeared for sale and at under your expected price, almost like you had a guardian audio angel.  It really is a great deal at $2,800 and you have the travel costs leverage to get it for even less. 
     It seems a shame to let a fortunate coincidence like that just slip away.
I know if you really want the speakers, you'll figure it out and make it happen somehow.  You could always fly out and rent a nice SUV for the ride back.  Take your wife on a small vacation to Newport Beach for a short stay at the Newporter hotel.   Live a little and have some fun!

Best wishes,