Dee Dee Bridgewater - To Billie With Love

This tribute CD to Eleanora Fagan (Billie Holiday) is awesome. The playing is to die for. This CD made me, tap my toes, dance, smile, laugh, cry, and listen in awe at a Jazz Master at the height of her powers. A must for anybody with a heart beat who loves great Jazz singing and playing.
Listen to her "Dear Ella" album.
Dee Dee Bridgewater is a great Jazz vocalist, and thanks to you I will trot out and get that CD.
Must investigate...
Thanks for this recommendation, I`ll order a copy today. I`m always looking for great jazz music that`s been well recorded.
Great singer with a lot of albums released. Though I do think that some of her material was not best chosen for her.
As Ray Charles said of her, "Their will only ever be one Dee Dee".
As much as a list of the more accomplished matrons of jazz, and with regard to recordings released this decade, and done well, you might also investigate The Dana owens album.... Before me by Gladys Knight, and Susanna mcCorkle hearts and minds.