Dedicated Electrical

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When building a dedicated electrical circuits is it better to add to my current box or add a sub panel?  Pro's and con's?


Current plan is 10/2 w/ Shunyata outlets.


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immathewj- Your old vintage components are made that way because that’s the way pretty much everything was made back then.

Thanks for getting back to me on this, @millercarbon  , the M&K sub is old (25 years or so) but not vintage, and the Maranzt is almost a new SACD player.  With the Maranzt, in particular, I was thinking maybe they made it that way because of RFI?

But then is your take/advice on power conditioners that they do overall good?  Or are they like most medicines which, as examples, might lower your blood pressure or alleviate depression but may screw something else up?

I do intend to rum my system on the one ddicated circuit as soon as I get my listening room back together.  I was actually changing some things around on my dedicated lines when I caught this thread, and today was a totally nonproductive day up in the attic, and I have a few more to go, but I am just hoping they will be more productive.  This is not the kind of attic that is fun to be up in. 

But thank you for the input/insight.

@offbrandracing ,

I would either wait or just PM agon member @jea48,

He has provided what I consider the soundest advice on anything electrical on this forum for years.


Immathewj, power conditioners used to be all over the map but today are like most things more consistently good. Even so they are like all components very individual and to be judged on that basis. The way I see it there are so many areas of improvement it is just as good to do fuses, springs and so on first and leave conditioner for later as the other way around. As long as you are putting one foot in front of the other and not sitting still you are making progress and that’s what counts not any one particular thing. 
The conditioner test is on my (very) long list of ideas to try when I can find the time. In my system a step down transformer goes from 240 to 120 and then another one is in the conditioner. All of this can be changed to compare, but being hard wired is a bit of a project, not like most things people would just plug and unplug. 
Many years ago I had some Electraglide power cords and learned that they were not earth ground. They looked like they were, they had three prong connections at both ends, but they weren’t. The dealer told me they did this because it sounds better. This was at least 30 years ago. Then at Chuxpona21 (do a system page search) Silversmith owner Jeff Smith was here. He thinks so much of floating ground he carries a cheater plug around in his pocket, eager to prove how much better it sounds. This is a guy who designs cables for a living. So I am not surprised if some of what you have was made that way as part of intentional design. 

Thank you, @millercarbon ; to have enough outlets for all the gear (amp, pre, digital source, sub) on the one dedicated circuit, are there any acceptable alternatives to connecting an outlet to the existing outlet that I am going to use as the dedicated circuit? That probably sounds like a stupid question, but is there such a thing as an acceptable grade of strip (other than a power conditioner)?

And as it happens, I do have a power conditioner; I bought it around 25 years ago from a dealer in Philthadelphia who was very good at selling me things. At the time, I considered the $600 to be outrageously expensive. It is the "Prometheus Power Flo" and there is no point on doing a search on it as I just did and . . . nothing. I have used it and not used it (was in the NOT mode the last time I was running my system on three ’dedicated’ circuits, and if it made a difference, my ears were not picking it up. That typed, I am the first to admit that I probably don’t have the ears for this "hobby" . . . however I do enjoy immersing myself in in music and my ears are good enough to tell when it sounds good or not so good.