Dedicated circuit question

I will be having an electrician install a dedicated circuit for my listeneing room in a few weeks. This will be for two channel only. I have a pair of Bel Canto ref500m's, Aesthetix Calypso pre and an Ayre CX-7eMP as a source. Should I get two lines? One for the power amps and one for the pre and CDP? Or do I really need three to keep the digital source seperate? Help please!
You can use one for the amp and pre. The other for the CD Player. But 3 lines would be great for future changes.
Might as well do a quad (2 recepticles) as a minium. A third recepticls would provide another option but NOT required. My previous setup used a Quad with the plan of purchasing a Exact Power regenerator. Therefore, adding a third outlet would not be required.

What brand audio recepticles are you installing?
I would have the electrician install a minimum of two circuts with a quad for each circut, just for future flexability, doesn't sound like you're going to really "need" two circuts now. If possible you could also have them run it in a 3/4" conduit as well. That way if there are any issues you can re-pull the circuts without having to re-open any walls. Again that would increase flexibilty in the future.
I suggest three circuits independent to the circuit breaker panel. 1st circuit (two outlets) for one amp. 2nd circuit (two outlets) for the other amp and the 3rd circuit for your low level equipment connected to a distribution/power conditioner. I use a distribution/power conditioner to plug all of my low level equipment such as pre-amp, cd transport, tuner, DAC, Phono stage, Turn Table into and that has its own dedicated circuit back to the electric circuit breaker panel. Then two separate independent circuits for each amp. My noise floor dropped significantly (dead quiet) and virtually eliminated any ground loops. You really don't want the amps on the same circuit run. If you are having an electrician do the work anyway, it is better to have three runs as I indicated above. If your TV/home theater system is also there, then a forth run for that system to the electric panel whereby nothing is connected together or mixed. My living room (listening room) is separate from my family room (TV room). So I did independent runs for each room as I indicated above. However, I am about to convert my family room into a dining room and the TV/home theater stuff will be moved into the living room with my 2 channel audio equipment. I will then do another independent circuit just for the TV/home theater equipment.

I am thinking of using Maestro outlets. Zmanastronomy-The Bel Cantos are mono blocks so I need two outlets for power amps.
Thanks everyone for the advice
The best investment I made for my 2-channel rig. I use Furtech outlets. Lots of good ones out there.
Also have you electrician run 10/2 WG Romex. This is the largest guage romex that is solid and still fits in our receptacles. Your electrician will probably not be to happy as 10/2 WG is very stiff, but insist on it. You can use a 20 amp breakers for these runs and if you ever have any beast amps you can bump the breakers up to 30's. Also I always advise if you are going to run two dedicated circuits run three, if you were going to run three then make it four. You never know when you may have a sub or two and want the extra dedicated circuits.