Dedicated 20 amp line

Just before all this craziness began, I had a dedicated 20 amp electric line installed along with hospital grade wall outlets. I am amazed at the improvement it makes..tighter, cleaner better defined sound. The cost was $1200 and that was for an all day installation without shopping around and in an expensive area. Really a bargain considering the difference it makes. My KEF Reference 5 speakers have never sounded so good. I’m not sure if everyone will experience the same amount of improvement but I highly recommend trying. Nice to have this for the long days to come.

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My electric company installed a whole house suppressor at the meter which costs $6 a month. If any of the electronics in the house get damaged from a surge, we get it replaced. Last 2 houses we built, I had them install 4 20 amp dedicated circuits for my dedicated audio room since it’s very cheap when the house is being built.