Dedicated 20 amp line

Just before all this craziness began, I had a dedicated 20 amp electric line installed along with hospital grade wall outlets. I am amazed at the improvement it makes..tighter, cleaner better defined sound. The cost was $1200 and that was for an all day installation without shopping around and in an expensive area. Really a bargain considering the difference it makes. My KEF Reference 5 speakers have never sounded so good. I’m not sure if everyone will experience the same amount of improvement but I highly recommend trying. Nice to have this for the long days to come.
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I ran an 8 gauge cable direct from a 20amp breaker to a L5/20 and yes, it's a solid improvement. 
Good suggestion about the whole house surge protector.  The electrician who installed my dedicated line recommended this and it made sense so I also had one installed.  I live in the
San Francisco area where our power company is shutting down electricity when there is a high wind or any other potential fire hazard (or maybe sometimes just to punish irate consumers).  When the power comes back on, you risk a surge which could damage refrigerators, computers, televisions and many other expensive things in addition to audio equipment.  
Good move springing for the whole house surge protector. I had a subpanel with two 20A lines installed, but that's all my budget allowed.

My electric company installed a whole house suppressor at the meter which costs $6 a month. If any of the electronics in the house get damaged from a surge, we get it replaced. Last 2 houses we built, I had them install 4 20 amp dedicated circuits for my dedicated audio room since it’s very cheap when the house is being built.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

We are in the early stages of building a new home and for my "man cave" I selected the option to run a 20 amp dedicated line, just because "why not, when it's easiest to do".  Glad to hear that it's a good choice.
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