dcs Verona

Any one heard the dcs verona clock does it improve the sound of elgar/purcell/verdi?
yes , i do own one, and the improvements over just the verdi/elgarplus combo are noticeable.
A few months ago I added the verona to my verdi/purcell/elgar plus. In my system the improvement was night and day. I had thought it sounded pretty good before but after adding the Verona I could not listen again without it. There are clear improvements in resolution, timing and musicality.
I have listened to the dcs rig both with and without the Apogee Big Ben master clock, which serves the same purpose as the Verona. The difference is not subtle. The soundstage is slightly wider, more transparent and better organized. Instruments and voices are locked better in their specific location. There is just a more organized character to the soundstage.

Also, as another poster stated, there are improvements in resolution and timing. But it is the soundstage improvement that hit me first.

At roughly $1500 it is a worthwhile upgrade since it places this rig at the pinnacle of CD playback.
Interesting statements. Did (any of) you compare this stand alone master clock option with the word clock sync option (slaving the transport to the dac) or just with the traditional set up (no sync).
I experienced a major improvement using that option (slaving my Studer A727 to the dCS Delius) and wonder if an external master clock, slaving both transport and dac would mean a substantial upgrade.