Cable Upgrades DCS Verdi,Purcell, Elgar, Verona

What is current thinking on benefits of upgrading cables on DCS classic stack? I'm thinking firewire and AES/EBU. Any particular cable recommendations?

I am currently upgrading clock to reference through GPS receiver so might as well look at other upgrades at the same time.
I am not the best source of info with that disclosure...

I recently purchased a dCS Puccinni and U-Clock. I replaced the stock clock cable with a Cardas Lighting with bnc connectors. It was a nice improvement.

Also using the same Cardas cables for spdif connections (direct tv and computer) both rca's...again, a nice update over the stock dCS cables...The cardas were very reasonable and might be a good starting point.
Thanks for that info. I might make a start with the 1394 cables although i can't find much available from the usual cable suppliers.
You can find firewire from Entreq and Siltech.

Regarding AES/EBU the best I've heard with dcs was Stealth Sextet.
Ask: Ridge Street Audio

I have received from them two magnificent firewire cables, for mine DCS Verdi, Purcell, Elgar, Verona.
Very much I recommend.
Currently running Siltech G5 on clock cables and Vertex Illimani on the firewire. Vertex cable seems to produce the biggest change. Design included mechanical damping which seems to "clean up" the sound quite a lot. Result is loss of edge and more detail coming through. Currently listening to Glenn Gould SACD Goldberg Variations and sound is stunning at realisitic levels.

Was going to go check out Entreq and Ridge Audio for firewire but sounding so good might just stick with the Vertex for a while and enjoy the music!
Now using all Vertex HiRez for clock and firewire. Not heard anything better.

Just ordered DCS Scarlatti stack so might have to re experiment to see if cable choice is best for the new system
congrats, i've heard the scarlatti stack at my dealer dozens of's amazing!
Update on this topic. Now using Aurender front end into DCS Scarlatti 3 box stack. Eventually settled on Siltech Signature digital and analogue cables very happy with the sound.
so no need for firewire with your front end? did you compare your siltechs to others...just curious...thanks
Oelbach,Audioquest and revelation have also upgrade firewire cables for dCS.Some have expierence with them?
Whats the differents with the originals?
Regards from Belgium