Day vs all in one pre amp dac

  Sorry about the title.   I tried to edit,,,dac.  Not day,   This may have been asked I’m sure, I did search, I have a Musical Fidelity V90 II, a great buy and piece for 249.00. I have. Schiit Saga for pre amp. My budget is definitely under 1k, looking for a recommendation for digital preamp dac that will out perform the v90. I’m also thinking 1 unit could work better than two. Second ask would be for just the dac, Thinking Schiit again. Multi bit modi or bitfrosh. Thank you,
Hello OP, have you decided on anything yet? FWIW, I'm using a Schiit Freya and just got a Schiit Modi Multi today to use as an outboard DAC for my OPPO 103. Will be doing A/B comparisons this Saturday. Listening notes to follow.