Dared I 30 integrated amp

Has anyone auditioned or purchased a Dared I 30 integrated amp? Any comparisons?
I own an i30. Have it as a second system. Great sounding little amp. Hard to believe it's only 30W. The internal DAC for the USB is a nice feature. No noise from the PC at all. Stock tubes are Ruby tubes; I have a set of Sylvania 6L6G tubes in it and it opened up the soundstage alot. I work for the Gov and may be transferred soon, so I may end up parting with my little gem.
Did you compare it with other Dared brands such as MP-60 (I have one)?
Just the 300B mono blocks. That was a bit to bright for my taste. BTW, it looks like I will be selling my i30. If you know of anyone interested, if you don't mind, give them my e-mail: [email protected]

How does the MP-60 sound?
I will, but I live in Russia and buying things from the US may pose a problem (huge customs fees, different voltage, etc.)
i have one too and love it, have it hooked up to a pair of martin logan wall mounted scripts and you would not believe the warm rich midrange! on the other hand i just changed computers and i can't locate the drivers and it won't seem to just connect via usb, does anyone know where i can download the drivers please as i miss my baby!