Damaged My DSS Input Red Component Port

Hi, I have a Marantz SR8200 Receiver, and have discovered that the red composite video input for the DSS has been bent or damaged in some way in that I can only see Blues and Greens on the TV from the cable box. The red just barely flickers when I wiggle the cable.

I have confirmed, testing other cables, that the problem is definitely the composite port, not the cable.

Anyone have any advice on how I could potentially fix this myself, or an estimate of what it would cost to have repaired?
I tried switching to S video, but I think I have a bad cable. Right now I just hooked the cable box into the DVD inputs, so I can watch tv. I would prefer to fix this, so that I can use component video for both my cable box and dvd player.

Thanks for your advice...
If you can get the box open, install a new RCA input. Should be easy if you can get the box open and the RCA is easy to get at.