Dahlquist DQ-8 was: Newbie needs advice...

Hi all. I went to a shop in town last night and checked out a pair of the DQ-8 by Dahlquist. I was pretty impressed by their sound - powered by a Brio (similar to my Luna) - it was full and warm, yet dynamic, detailed and engaging.

I wonder what experience any of you have with this speaker. Please don't tell me that the DQ-10 is the better because I can't afford those. :)

I have never heard the DQ8, but I have owned the DQ20 and now just recently bought a pair of DQM9 compact, and I think that they made some great speakers. I believe that many owners have upgraded the crossovers and wiring and discovered that these are still a great line of speakers. If they are affordable, buy them.
I have two friends with DQ-8s and have been impressed by both. Great speakers, perhaps a bit lacking in bass, but very transparent and detailed. Particularly nice with vinyl. I would have bought these myself but stumbled across a pair of DQ-20i at too cheap a price to pass up so...
For those interested parties, I ended up with a pair of Dahlquist DQ-8 towers and I must say that I am rather impressed with their performance. As Oktyabr said, they are a bit lacking in the bass compared the DQ-20, but the presence is sufficient and tonality is pleasant none the less.

I can't give these a totally fair review due to the fact that the listening environment is sub-par, but considering their size and rather polite, but poignant, character I would recommend these to someone looking to make a small step into hi-fi.

Unfortunately, I can't find an owners manual anywhere and Regnar (the Dahlquist successor) isn't responding... oh well, I'm content. For now.

Hi, the DQ-8's were my very first Dahlquist speakers. When I bought the 8's, the dealer told me the only difference between the 8's and the 9's were that the 9's had a bit more bass. I really liked them, but eventually moved up to the DQ20i's. I love these speakers, the first thing that comes to mind when I hear them is "crystal clear". I mate them with tube electronics for the best sound. I keep wondering what speaker I would buy if these die on me. Does anybody know what kind of speaker these are? (Planer, baffle), etc? and what other speaker would be similar in case I needed to buy another brand? (Magnapans, quads)? Thanks, Sandra
The guy behind many Dahquist designs went on to form Alon, and now Nola. I'm sure I cant spell his name, even if I could remember it correctly! I believe "open baffle" describes the 20s, not sure if the are considered bi, or dipole? The 8 is a two way, with the woofer in a box and only the tweeter on the upper baffle.
Very creative designs for their day, Dahquist, Alon and now Nola all highly regarded.