Dahlquist dq 20's Query?

I've found a pair near mint to fair quality Dahlquist DQ 20's for sale for about a $1000 or so. They are at least six to eight years old and have been owned by two people already. Seems like they were mostly used for loud rock and home theatre so there is a little worry on my end about the speakers and drivers being damaged in these past few years.
I haven't heard them yet but have an open invitation to do so at my leisure. Has anyone got info on these neat looking little guys. If you would be so kind as to share any company history or performance info you have I would appreciate it. -thx much
Yea, check them out. I had a pair of the 20i's for 10 years and decided to downsize. They do like power and they do like tubes to sound their best -- the tweeter can be alittle unrulely with the wrong amp(85 db efficent, '4' ohm load). The foam surround on the woofer does go out over time. They were designed by Carl Marchisotto now of Alon so you can see the future evolution of his design. The price does seem kinda high considering the age of the speaker.
Hey, thank you much for the response, I looked around a bit more after the post and now I have to agree, it does seem a little high. I guess I'll have to haggle (aw, schucks) and shoot for around $800-875. I also really appreciated the background - thx
From your description of these speakers I wouldn't touch them with the proverbial ten foot pole. Especially at the price. They go for between $500-600 all the time. A local dealer recently sold a pair for $450. As far as how they sound this is always going to be a matter of opinion. For me, although they are very open and unboxy, they seemed kinda thin and 2 dimensional.
With the average transitor amp they will sound thin and 2 dimensional.