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Has anyone heard the new Edge i3?
Have you gathered any more info on the I3? I'm looking for a new integrated and heard edge stuff was good.TIA,Karl 
New Avatar ?
I hope they go back to the design that allows triode mode like the old Avatar...it's magic! 
VAC Avatar vs. VAC Avatar Special Edition
Hi Steve,I pulled up the above iar article and it didn't address the SE just the super so I doubt that was much help to your question. I haven't heard the SE (I have a regular Avatar) but I talked to Kevin at VAC and he basically told me what you ... 
Dahlquist dq 20's Query?
With the average transitor amp they will sound thin and 2 dimensional. 
Dahlquist dq 20's Query?
Yea, check them out. I had a pair of the 20i's for 10 years and decided to downsize. They do like power and they do like tubes to sound their best -- the tweeter can be alittle unrulely with the wrong amp(85 db efficent, '4' ohm load). The foam su... 
Do any of you know/have FMS Grey Speaker Cables?
Thank you Fmscable for your descriptions and time...Where can I find these current products? 
Do any of you know/have FMS Grey Speaker Cables?
Thanks guys,Fmscable,could you describe the what I have vs. what's out there now?Thanks,Ladderlake 
Best-front ported monitor speakers?
The GMA Europas are front ported. They are a great speaker for the money.Cheers 
Need Help on Tube Rolling for VAC Avatar
Hi Steve,BTW, I listen to the Avatar exclusively in Triode mode due to sound preference. What mode are you using?Thanks,Karl 
Need Help on Tube Rolling for VAC Avatar
Hi Steven,I know the Svetlana EL34's are a good tube from personal experience and comments from Audiogon and AudioAsylum. Amazing how different tubes will 'tune' the equipment, good for audio junkies -- gives one something besides cables to play w... 
Should I?? Dahlquist DQ-20I for $200???
Great price, also a great speaker. They do like high current to really do their thing. The foam around the woofers degrade over time but can easily be replaced. They are hard to ship unless you have the original boxing. I used mine for over 10 yea... 
Better than KT-88s?
Lafish...........what specific VAC amp are you refering to? Was in running the 34's in triode mode?Thanks 
Classe Reliability : Your Opinions?
I had a DR9 for over 10 years, never a problem. Even if nothing goes 'wrong' a lifetime warranty would cover things that will wear out over a long period of time like some capacitors so I can see why a manufacture wouldn't do the lifetime thing. I... 
Best value speakers available
The Green Mountain Europa is an outstanding value speaker. For the price is there a better monitor?? (or ever 3 times the price???) 
What is your most beautiful component?
Hey Lake513, I've got that Avatar of yours now, don't know if I love the looks but I do love the sound!Cheers,Ladderlake of Californiaps. What is your favorite Dead album?