Dac with very good tonefull bass?

At the moment I am playing with the Dacmagic wich I think is a very nice dac, but its time to upgrade.

I am looking for something with allot better bass then the Dacmagic.
My dealer has the following dacs that I know of that should be a good upgrade to the Dacmagic:

- Ps Audio digital link III
- Bel canto dac 3
- Bryston bda-1

Having had the Musical Fidelity a5 cd player at home, I could not get enough from the great bass. I have moved to computer audio so a cd player is not an option anymore, but if anything I aim for bass like that again.

I am open for other suggestions.
I have the stock PS Audio DLIII and love the sound. It has plenty of bass but is well balanced throughout. It can be modded for further improvements. It only costs $600 new. I haven't heard the other two.
IME, the bass sound is more related to the power amp than the dac. Since you're considering the BC DAC you might consider one of their amps. Also Krell amps have very good control of woofers.
I could not disagree more with wireless200's statement that the bass sound is more related to the power amp than the dac. I have a PS audio DL III a Lite Audio DAC60 and a MHDT paradisea+. The DAC60 has noticeably more bass, the Paradisea+ sounds the most analog like but is lacking in bass and dynamics compared to the others and finally the DLIII I would say is the most balanced sounding of the three units. If I had to pick one, I would keep the Paradisea+, as it's sound is the most natural and it is very tuneable via different op amps and tubes, but the bass king is the DAC60, which also had great mids but I find the highs a little grating in my system. YMMV
I'd also have to respectfully disagree with Wireless200.
My Modified Tri Vista dac improved the bass to a significant degree over my precious player, in terms of both quality and depth.
The difference was quite apparent when switching between the two, with no other changes to the system.

I'd agree that amps can also make a significant difference.
keep the dac and experiment with upgrade AC cords and interconnects before doing anything else
Thanks for all the advice. Upgrading my amp is not possible as I am very happy with it (passlabs F5) I should be able to get better bass (as I heard with the Musical Fidelity a5) only via a dac upgrade.

The only thing that I can upgrade besides my dac are the speaker cables, and a interlink. I`m pretty set on power cords also all are LessLoss, and the Dacmagic has Adaptor so no upgrade possible there...

I will ask my dealer for a testrun on the PS dlII for sure. Any input perhaps on the Bryston and the Bel Canto?