DAC Upgrade: Current is just boring

Hi all

- I'm currently not happy with my Music Fidelity M1DAC -> it just lacks width, umph and general solid sound.
It is noticeably sub-par compared to my other sources.
I know this is a bit lame of a description - but my digital sources - even when uncompressed .wav files via Audivarna - are just not as happy.

I'm looking to get a fuller, richer, happier sound.
I'd like to keep it to about $1500 (Figuring I can sell the M1 for about $500)

My current setup ..

R20 Phono Pre-Amp
u-Turn Orbit Deluxe TT (Great Kickstarter pick-up!!)
Music Fidelity M1DAC (via USB mac mini w/ Audivarna & Spotify)
Epos Epic 5
Cardas Cables / Kimber Cable