dac's ?

How much improvement would there be if a dsc was used with a entry level krell cd player?
Whats a dsc?If you mean dac and not dsc then it would depend on the synergy and quality of said dac.You would have to install and try unless you want hypothetical answers which are generally useless.
Do you mean DCS as in elgar et. al.
Good one Dave B.I never thought of that,cheers,Bob
First, I will assume you mean a DAC, then I will assume you mean a DCS DAC.

The amount of improvement obtained for a DAC to accept the digital output of the "entry" level Krell CDP will depend on the quality of the DAC. There are many, many new and even moderately older DACs that will deliver better results than the integrated DACs in the entry level Krell equipment. These will range from $500+ for moderately decent moderately older DACS and on up from there. If you are looking at a brand new DAC, you would probably be looking in the minimum $1,000 range. What is the actual age of the Krell CDP? What sound are you seeking?

As for DCS? This is a whole new and different story than just any other DAC which can deliver some improvement of the entry level Krell. DCS makes terrific stuff, with little that can beat it. Since you are referencing an entry level Krell CDP, my assumption is that you would be seeking a used DCS DAC versus one of their newest pieces.

I have purchased several CDPs and DACs over the past year and have been running the DCS gear for a couple of months now. I purchased (used) a Delius and Purcel and couldn't be happier. You can get this combination now for a fairly good price and the performance is lights out (at least compared to anything else I have heard at anything close to this price). As a reference, I have owned some pretty decent CDPs (Audio Aero Capitole, Resolution Audio Opus 21 w/ GNSC mods, Wadia, Esoteric X-03SE, EMM Labs Transport and DAC6e combo).

I really truly love the performance of the DCS equipment!