DAC For CounterPoint - Atma Sphere - Wilson System

sorry for the 'which (insert component type here) should i buy’ thread, but i've searched the archives and i could find no discussions on this... i'm looking to pick up a DAC and was hoping to hear opinions as to which would be a good match for my system:

Pre - CounterPoint SA 5.1
Amp - Atma Sphere S-30 Mk3.1
Mains - Wilson Cubs

i'm hoping you guys can help me generate a short list of DACs (~$1,200 new or used) that would compliment the rest of my rig.

thanks for any suggestions,
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I would look for a MSB Tech Platinum DAC I it should go around $1500 max this will give your Wilsons a lot of warmth
thanks, Robertbrown... that's not one i see mentioned often - i'll be sure to try to give one a listen.