D sonic amps.

I can't seem to find any talk of these amps in any threads.Does anybody here own them or have any experience with them?What did you have prior etc.
I have not heard them, but I considered them when looking to go Class D recently. I have been most satisfied with Icepower in my system though I am using the much more expensive Bell Canto Ref1000 mkiis in my system.

They certainly seem to be one of the least expensive ICEPower based designs out there, a logical first crack at IcepOwer for many perhaps I suspect.

If I were not looking to match the amp optimally to a tube pre-amp, I might have given these a shot. They use stock Icepower modules with 10K input impedance as I recall. That is fine for SS amps but higher input impedance is desirable for use with tube pre-amps. The Wyred4Sound amps are a better fit there I suspect. The Wyreds cost a tad more as I recall and are probably worth it especially for those with tube pre-amps.

I'd be interested to hear more from actual owners. Any issues with RF or electric circuit noise for example with these (Class D or IcePower amps can have these kind of noise problems as I understand it historically although most good designs have come up with ways to deal with it more recently as I understand it.
I havent seen those amps, but there are few reviews on them. check their site:
Thanks for the info.I am pretty happy with my rotel rmb 1090 pwering my fronts.Kinda looking at a cinenova grande 3 channel to power my center and 2 rears.It would be cheaper i guess and i know that amp would do the job.Maybe i'll go that route and play it safe.