Customize speaker selection

I really wish more companies...even mainstream Infinity, Polk, JBL,etc...would offer a stock budget model with the following simple options: a)tweeter upgrade(possible older model or from a line up to reduce R&D costs B)Crossover upgrade option: better caps, etc. C)Internal bracing options D)Single or bi-wire other words... ala carte menu...I know some of the more established higher end companies offer Signature/Hotrod models...which is along the same premise...but this thinking has never "trickled down"...some much for Reaganomics!
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One of the main reasons stock budget models cost as little as they do is that assembly process is standardized. Kind of like "You can have your Model-T in any color you like as long as it's black." The minute you clutter up the assembly process with time gobbling (time = money) customizations, cost effectiveness dictates it makes more sense to step up to a standardized higher priced model.
Good point...I was trying to keep my example as simple as possible in terms of extra cost/Labour...