current system not going to cut it???

Im afraid that "Dream Stereo #6 is going to need another adjustment but where??? Just purchased the PS3 for the blu-ray and love it, but with the av cable that came with it, the audio portion is not as smooth as my modded denon is...meaning, going from a nice ballad in "Across the Universe" to a war seen would send you out the room...doesn't flow like my denon...cable or player or both...bought a great optical cable (optilink 5) but didn't realize it wont work with the Mcintosh 2200 pre....crap!!! 2.1 HT was working so far until the intro of the PS3....sooooooooo, do I:

-get a processor just to run 2 channel..hope not
-sell the PS3 and get a designated blu ray player (probably the easiest route)
-search for a cable that works and makes all of my dreams come true (doubtful)

the system was built for 2 channel listening/HT and am not interested in getting more speakers....would like to keep the PS3 if possible...thanks again, brent
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Sounds like you are going backwards on your audio source from dac/trans to Denon and now PS3 just to get Blu Ray. There must be a Blu Ray player that's up with the rest of your system.
I replied to your email with some ideas,.....cheers
Steuspeed....I think a dedicated BP is the way to go...
Why are you not using the optical cable out? While only the HDMI will put out 7.1, the optical will put out 2.0 and 5.1. I believe the optical is active when the hdmi is connected.
Buconero...My lovely pre doesn't that have that option...Rca and balanced