Cube Audio Nenuphar Single Driver Speaker (10 inch) TQWT Enclosure

Cube Audio (Poland) designs single drivers and single driver speakers. 

Principals are Grzegorz Rulka and Marek Kostrzyński.

Link to the Cube Audio Nenuphar (with F10 Neo driver) speaker page:

Link to 6Moons review by Srajan Ebaen (August 2018):


Parameters (from Cube Audio):

Power: 40 W

Efficiency: 92 dB

Frequency response: 30Hz - 18kHz ( 6db)*

Dimensions: 30 x 50 x 105 cm

Weight: 40 Kg

* Frequency response may vary and depends on room size and accompanying electronic equipment.
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@cal3713 Cube Audio have made slight changes to the 10 inch driver for their integrated-into-cabinet ’subwoofer’ offering.

I recommend checking with Jon Ver Halen (if you are in the U.S.) on driver selection, just in case, since you are planning on adding subs. There may be some advantage to using the ’newer’ design in your planned application.

+1 on what @toetapaudio posted. I also find no need for sub augmentation...and my Nenuphars are pulled far out in the room. Peter Breuninger (and others) find placement closer to the wall only adds to the Nenuphar’s excellent low frequency performance.
@david_ten Thanks David.  I think I'm still a year or so out from going this direction, but have been trying to learn a lot about full range drivers to figure out what I might build.  I've also been looking at the Audio Nirvana drivers, but I know Nelson Pass has tried them (and many, many more), and apparently he's showing off the Cubes.  
I just listened to the recently posted AVShowrooms video
and for the first time in my experience I actually thought I could hear something of the quality of these speakers coming through on my cheap earbuds.  I then listened to the video review of the Tekton Moabs also on AVShowrooms and sure enough could hear the difference distinctly between the two speakers.  

Since I'm getting my Nenuphars on Tuesday, this is no doubt anticipatory-audiophilia-I-just-invested-a-car-load-into-speakers-I've never-heard-syndrom (but with a generous 60 day return policy).  So take what I say with a bigger grain of salt than usual.  

I've added a First Watt SIT-3 to my system in the mean time to compare against my LTA Ultralinear.  My pre is a Western Electric Shindo Giscour
and sources are a Shindo 301 with a Hommage T1 and a Totaldac D-1 and Anthem music server. 

My speaker cables are Clear Day Double Shotgun which might be a weak link.  Love to hear some thoughts about any speaker cable synergy Nenuphar owners have discovered.

I don't know what to think about recorded speakers playing through youtube over laptop speakers (or earbuds), but I watched that video and was also impressed.  As you point out, at least if everything is the same except for the speakers, the comparisons should offer some information.  And you certainly can't argue with Peter's subjective reaction...
Also, I've heard this system in person ( and do feel like I picked up some of its core essence even via the youtube/computer interface.