crown K-1 amplifier

I have just purchased a K1 for $500 I also bought a Audio Illusions preamp. I was talking with the A.I. tech. about possible upgrades and mentioned I had a K1 coming. He thought that was terrible! the guy just hates crown amps. He said they were DC coupled and send high DC pulses, unstable, and oscillates. can any one give me personal knowledge of the crown K1. Thanks
In my experiences, Crown amps have been extremely stable, but typically used for professional purposes (bands and dj's and such). I have seen them used outdoors, in adverse weather conditions, and noted them to be reliable performers. Try it, see how you like it. It should put out gobs of power, and I have absolutely no idea what it will sound like coupled to an Audible Illusions pre-amp, but what the hey, that is what is fun about this hobby. If you don't like what you hear, I'm sure you will have little trouble selling it. Enjoy the music.
I own a Crown K2 amplifier - the big brother to the K1. I bought it to use as a subwoofer amp since these amps are reputed to be incredibly powerful and bullet proof. That's been my experience. They have great slam in the low end and have none of the problems that your friend suggested. My amp turns on and off without any pops or other nasty artifacts. They do not have RCA inputs but instead use 1/4" phono plugs, so you need to make some custom cables or build some adapters. Other than that it's been a very nice amp and very much plug and play.

Recently I put it into service for a secondary system that I set up in my work room and use it full range. I use a Squeezebox classic to a DAC (a modified ART DI/O) and then through a transformer volume control preamp to the Crown. I found the amp to be surprisingly sensitive to the quality of the stand and damping material. Putting it on 3 Black Diamond Racing cones (type #3) improved the sound quite a bit making it smoother and more 3 dimensional.

So my experience is that the Crown can be a surprisingly good amplifier with the right tweaks. Enjoy it and don't worry about what others tell you.

Thanks guy's for the shot in the arm I feel better. I wanted to say that the crown amp with the audible illusions preamp will be powering original carver amazing loud speakers. I should have this all hooked up in about a week.