Crown Jewel, whats it like?

I have a opputunity to buy a Ex demo a a very good price, its the original not the updated one, I have read Micheal Fremer's report, which he states Its not to good on rock, I listen to all sorts of music, rock, regae, jazz, blues etc. Any input appreaicated.
Davey, what price do you have on the Crown Jewel and how any hours does it have on it? The Shelter costs $650 and is the exact same cartridge as the Crown Jewel with a different outer shell. The Shelter can be bought new, direct from a distributor in Japan. However, the Crown Jewel is to be recommended at a large discount. Compared to the Trans. Temper Supreme, it is slightly warmer, and possesses more mid range coloration.
i have a crown jewel SE.. at first i didnt like it so much,but then i changed to a medium mass arm tube .the sound got a lot better.i listen to rock & reggae& classical.
the sound is a "warm" sound...not as punchy as i would like,but i think it has to do with the output (& gain).
My old cartridge is a koestu black ,I found the bass to be forceful, buthighs a bit bright,I can buy a crown jewel for $500 america dollars,with 50 hours on it though a dealer. Any thoughts ?. My source is a Well Tempered Classic, New Zealand sourced base which is better in the bass. HELP.
For $500, I would go for it if you are sure that it has only 50 hours on it (it is easy to underestimate playing time and not easily measurable for the buyer). You can look at the needle under a magnifying glass or microscope for wear if you want. Even if the cartridge is rather old (if it is not the Special Edition), you are getting a 75% discount and the cartridge wear should be minimal if it was properly installed. The dealer played it just enough for break it in (didn't he demo it after break in, too?). Ask the dealer what tonearm he used with the cartridge and why he is selling (I do not think this is impolite). If you do not like the Crown Jewel, you can easily resell it at about the same price. Best of luck.
for 500 bucks you cant go wrong!!!!!
Thanks,Slawney and Honda,for your input,Its on special because its the last one in stock,as it now is suceded by the special edition,by the way $500 U.S. is approx $900 AUST.I im currentley using a Koetsu black goldline but needs to be retiped at a cost of $1600 AUST. Does anyone know the soud difference between the two,Thanks again fellas.