Crossover for Altec 416-8B , 806-8A , 811B

I just got the above said combo and cabinet are also ready
what missing is a crossover for 8 ohm 800hz !

Since I'm new and need your help to teach me how to DIY a crossover
a crossover to make it sing! Now I have the speaker cable from
the power amp direct input to the 416-8B woofer without any coil or cap and the 806-8A with a 3.9uf cap , is this correct ?

Please help and thanks !
You will need at least a 12DB slope crossover. The 800 Hz is in my opinion a little low for the 811 horn. I would try 1200 Hz @ 12 DB. That would require a cap and coil for each driver. There are calculators on the internet that can get you in the ball park and you may/will need a resistor in the tweeter circuit to balance the sound level as the horn will sound too loud in relation to the woofer. A large quage coil for the woofer circuit will increase the woofer output which is helpfull if using a single ended or low power amp. The cap for the tweeter and the coil for the woofer is where I would spend the most money. The higher crossover frequency will also help protect the horn driver to survive with out incident.
You need to join the Lansing Heritage site dedicated to Altec/JBL diy. Full of ex JBL engineers waiting to help.
Thanks for the input!


You are correct, if u could provide exac
Thanks for the input!

You are correct, if u could provide the exact value
of the parts would be great help!

Do u have the link ?
Try and go to calculator. Values for Linkwitz_Riley is 8.29 UF for tyhe caps and 2.12 mH for the coils. The calculator shows the schematic for wiring. Remember the heaver coil on the woofer and better cap on the horn. The resistor value is up to you but I would try various values from 1/3/5/7/ ohms and use the one you like best. Try parts express if cost is a factor. If you wish assistance try Madisound as they can design and build them if you wish.
Just google 'lansing heritage forums'

Although I m not fully understand for how to
connect the coil, cap & resistors but your further
explain still help! Thanks!