Is anyone familiar with Altec Lansing 508's

I am looking for something that will sound as good as or better than Altec 508's. My brother is living with me temporarily and those are what he has, hooked up to a Denon DRA825ar reciever and POA6600 mono blocks. These sound awesome. The only stereo I've bought in the last 20 years is a Pioneer Home Theater in a box, sounds ok for $150.00, but with my brother here, it has stirred up the music interest again. So, a couple days ago I got a hold of a vintage Pioneer SX-1080, and now I need speakers. I've been reading reviews long into each night but there are more speakers out there than I ever dreamed. I would appriciate any opinions on the 508's, I can't find any reviews on them to compare to any others, like they don't exist. Some of the speakers I am leaning to are, Axiom m3ti or m80ti, monitor audio bronze b2 and other ma's, soliloquy sat 5, dynaudio contour 1.3se. Also some inexpensive Paradigm titan or Wharfedale diamond 8.1. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
Well they haven't been made since the early 90's. I have a pair I bought for cheap $899 for the pair in 97 from an upper end audio store. I replaced a pair of $2400 SYMDEX with these. Watch Ebay I got out bid on a pair last month. The two 8 inch carbon fiber woofers give the very best bass reproduction I've ever heard. They are 4 OHM so if you have an older amp you have to make sure you don't cook it off. Everything I listen to on these speakers is an experience like listening the first time. They are just stunning if your brother has a pair you should hit him over the head and steal them!
I happily lived with The Altec 510's for about 10 years.
Would still have them as they were great, but needed better "looking" speakers as after 10 years the cabinets were looking a little shoddy. Now I have Legacy Signature III's in rosewood, and they are better, but the Altecs were great.