Croft Acoustcs Vitale - request for US service?

I need On/Off switch replacement & resoldering of some connections. Emailed Glen but no response.
the tech at Brooks Berdan in Monrovia, Calif can do it, awesome dude
Thanks for the upgrade ideas. Was aware of the IEC socket issue, just haven't gotten around to it. Fuses are interesting. I remember long ago replacing the fuse in my Conrad Johnson PV-11 (wish I still had it) with a higher value ceramic and being stunned by the improvement in base. 
While you are at it, if you have an IEC socket, try an inexpensive quality power cable like the BLE Design 10ga rhodium for $39. Try wrapping a few turns of masking tape around the glass fuse but not touching the metal end caps. You may be surprised.
Thank you for responding and yes, I agree, have gone on line and  found a replacement subminiature spst 125V  switch. Thanks again. 
Sounds like work any good tech should be able to do.