Crimson Testimonial & Follow up

“Follow-up: I made an appointment to return the two pairs of Crimson speaker wires to Ron. Explained that I didn't have the budget (Wife's car needed transmission work and college tuition) to purchase both sets but that they were amazing. He took back one pair but insisted that I keep one pair for my front speakers for a while longer so I was ensured to really get spoiled. Also, he provided to me two 12" pieces for me to connect the drivers and tweeters internally to replace the bi-wiring that I had originally performed. Then he encouraged me to disconnect my surround sound and just run the pair in two-channel stereo mode and sit back and listen. Yepper, I heard his point strait and clear! Wow, what a difference that made. Finishing up my experience at his place -

So, while there he set up a speaker demonstration for me to drool over. He had wanted to get an outside opinion of two sets. The two sets were ATC-20's and a pair of Tocaros. Just what I had needed! I was impressed. The Tocaros were amazing! Fuller representation of the music i.e., base, mids, and high end were clearer and seemed more precise. All of the music originated off of his CD player.

Finally, if anyone has an interest in seeking Ron out in CT you can get hold of him via: Once at the site click on the BLOG TAB and scroll down to Contacts - Ron Patrick or email at: [email protected] Ron will do you right and set you on the right path.”