'Crackle' coming from speakers when using HTPC

Hi Folks:
I use a home theatre PC for movies, using my CRT Projector and a pretty high end stereo audio setup (see my virtual system). I find that I get a bit of a 'crackle' sound now and again, especially when sound increases suddenly. I'm wondering what the cause is and how I might resolve it. Any ideas? My two guesses might be to add some type of power conditioning, or to change sound cards? But, I'm particularly keen on any resolution that woudl not involve fresh expenditure. i'm just forked out fresh cash for new speakers and new CD player.

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Check your audio levels on the computer (speaker icon in lower right hand corner of the screen next to the clock). Make sure that none are maxed. I'd set them to around 75% or so.

What type of HTPC are you using? Some sound cards begin to over amplify the output (even if you are using a digital output) if the sound levels are turned up to high.

Just something to try...
Hi Harrya:
That is great advice - I don't know how I didn't think of it before. I haven't gotten to try it yet, but I'm guessing you're onto something. I'll post what I find out once I try it.

Harrya - per your suspicion, the sound levels of the HTPC were indeed maxed out. I reset them lower, and the problem is completely gone. Thanks for the easy tip.