Cracked my amplifier faceplate. HELP

Hello audiogon members. Looking for some advice. I purchased a Mcintosh MC7300 amplifier (one that I have always wanted) and in the process of bringing it home I put too much pressure on one of the knobs and sent two cracks across the front of the glass. Any tips for picking up some type of replacement? I hear Mcintosh sells them directly for $185. That seems ungodly expensive.

Any alternatives that you can think of?

Thank you kindly in advance for your advice.

P.S. I have the version with the panloc buttons on the bottom left and right.
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call audio classics.
As a McIntosh Authorized service tech, let me emphasize that you need to fork out the extra bux for the McIntosh original. This will be newly made (they have an amazing water knife for cutting out the plates, which are then hand painted and prepped. Do not remove the old glass until you have the replacement, so you can remember the reverse assembly. There will be a plexiglas light pipe sheet and items to attach to the new glass from the old, it does NOT come ready to install. Use the thinnest double stick foam tape you can buy for the stick on items. Be prepared for several hours of work, and while in there replace bad bulbs, etc. Do not buy the McIntosh lamps, these are cheap Chinese and last only a few months, buy bulbs from Mouser Electronics they will be cheaper and last at LEAST as long.

JUST MAKE SURE THAT IF YOU BENT EITHER TOP OR BOTTOM EDGE PLATE that you straighten it out before installing the glass. I had one come in with shipping damage, didn't realize the top edge frame was also bent, installed the glass, and while I was warming it up for final calibration sitting at the desk across the shop doing paperwork, heard a creaking noise, then a sharp crack as the brand new glass shattered from the bent frame PLUS heat from the light bulbs.

Took about ten minutes to break several hours work. Shop had to buy the glass.
I'd add, that for memory's sake, to take a few photos during dissassembly. Anything that looks detailed or could possibly go together more than one way.

From Mcintech's description, it sounds detailed, not especially difficult.
Elizabeth, Mcintech, Jaybo, Magfan, thanks for the outstanding advice. I'll be sure to take this all down and into consideration. Much appreciated.
Make a video and post it on YouTube if you decide to repair it yourself.