Count Up Timer


Does anyone know of a good source to get a count up timer so I can keep track of how many hours on the stylus?

I searched the net but couldn't find anything that seems to have a stop without reset.

Maybe a client or legal billing timer, or, software would do what you want. A Google search might yield helpful results
Any kitchen timer will do that, though you may have to start over after 99 hours and 59 minutes. Shouldn't be too hard to write that down every 100 hours.
I'll have to take another look at kitchen timers. The ones I saw were all count downs. And it maxed at 24hours. Any links/source I can check out?
Okay-I've got no idea why this post wasn't 'allowed', but I'll try once more. Maybe there's a 'desk tally' advertiser here whose toes I'm stepping on. Or something. Anyway, here goes...

I use a 'desk tally'





I just hit the tally once for each side played, and calculate 45 minutes for each two sides. Not down-to-the-minute exact, but close enough. At least for me. With it's '9999' total, you can keep track for over 3700 hours.

I buy one for each of my cartridges, and use stickers on them to mark the correct cart.
Thanks for your response. I want to be more exact and found a cool count up digital timer at a science lab shop.

It has a clock plus 4 timers with memory. Cool.