Could someone please estimate the realistic value of these?

1 pair of Salk Silk monitors and 1-12" Salk Rhythmik subwoofer, all in 9/10 condition (and all in curly maple veneer).  No issues, whether cosmetic or functional.  Unsure of their value on the secondary market because they rarely come up for sale.  Thank you.  
Check out HifiShark.
You can narrow down the search parameters to your area, then search sold listings.
I’d say that for these Salks that list for $3800 new plus shipping... you can ask 70% of retail but may have to accept 60% if you are in a hurry... audio circle has a lot of “Salk” fans but maybe fewer overall buyers than Audiogon. 

These are great speakers with very good drivers and great crossovers and the lucky buyer will be getting great sound at a fair price and if they ever decide to resell, most of the depreciation will be out of the way. 

As for the Salk Rythmik... the weight can be a killer unless you can sell locally... if not... assume a buyer won’t pay more than 70% delivered... which you may net a lot less because of the shipping cost as this sub is heavy. 

In in both cases post lots of well lit photos that show off the beauty of the Salk woodworking.  Good luck. 

Thanks so much for the responses!  One more question: what would be the realistic value of a 9/10 condition (read: no flaws) NAD M32 integrated amplifier?  They list at $4300'ish new, and are still current, and can be purchased at 10% off (around $3900) from what I can tell.