Core Audio Designs ......

If you look here on Audiogon, I presented a few questions on what equipment rack was the best for both sonics and aesthetics. I contacted what we as an audiophile community considered the best in these attributes and each one of the designers discussed the merits of their strands and were proud of the products they had designed and successfully brought to the marketplace. I was looking for over 6 months as I wanted a good one for me as well as for my living room. This is when I met Arnold at Core Audio Designs. Him and I discussed several different options and then I went back and forth with the other companies, I finally settled on working with Arnold ....and I am soo glad that I did. I was totally amazed at his work as well as his meticulous approach in creating a truly heirloom audiophile furniture product that exceeded my sonic expectations. The African Zebra wood is absolutely beautiful in my living room ! When you are in the market for stand give this guy a call , as you will be glad that you did       
So, I guess that no one else but me has purchased this stand. Interesting......they are really nice by the way.     
I'd love one but.... given the choice of putting $3-4K into a stand or staying w my Salamander and putting it into equipment, the stand loses. 
Wasn't your system posted previously?
I know you put a lot of thought and research into your choice and I would like to see what you came up with.
Maybe if we saw some pictures it would be more meaningful to respond, at least for those of us using something other than a Core Audio Design product.