copland drc 205

Hi , looking for any user feedback with this unit. Are you satisified, is this a audiophile piece ? Have you used any other room correction units? The website for copland mentions firmware updates , have you downloaded any , what did you derive from the update ? Have you kept this in your system or was it just a trial experience? Did the computer software allow you to more satisfactorily set it. Did tou find the computer interface user friendlyy, intuitive?
Thanks for your thoughts!
I bought the unit when it first came out. I had never tried any other units but as I recall, most were built into the pre-amp and I wanted to keep using my Supratek Chardonnay. The rest of my system is rear-loaded horn speakers using AER mkII drivers, Zu Method subwoofer, Tonian Accoustic Super-Tweeters, Audio Note P4 monoblocks, Altis Audio CDTIII transport and Reference DAC, Virtual Dynamic Master and Nite power chords, interconnects, and speaker cables.
I noticed immediate improvements with the DRC205 as indicated in reviews. I have used it continuously since I bought it. I moved about a year ago and had to put my audio system in a very awkward room. I initially set up the system without the DRC205 and was very dismayed with the sound. And this was with extensive use of ASC tube traps, dampening first reflections, etc. I inserted the DRC205 and I was back to very happy again.

Although I have hooked the unit to a computer and played a little with the software, I have never felt a need to play with any customizing. So I have never downloaded any updates.

I think the DRC205 is a fantastic unit, easily more than justifying the retail cost.