Copland CTA 504

Ok I know everything but is there a certian way to bias the amp? I am turning the bias pots clockwise to raise bias and counter clock to lower bias. I had an issue with a new quad of tubes and one tube had a glowing grid so I turned the bias back untill it stopped then turned all the other tubes to the same position. I want to know if I am really screwing up. I am guessing that if I use KT-88,s instead of 6550,s then I should turn up the bias untill the tube starts to glow then turn it back and match the other tubes since KT-88,s have a higher plate voltage so I would want to get as much out of each tube as possible. OK now should I bias each tube seperaely with its own bias? Or is the way Im doing it right. I have no idea what Im doing I have never biased anything and only made an educated guess on how to do what I am doing now. PLEASE HELP?????!!!!!!