Copland CTA301 mkII vs. Copland CTA 305 anyone?

Wanted to know what the sonic difference was between these 2 preamps. I own the cta 301 mkII and consider it a 'giant killer'. Detailed, transparent, smooth, huge soundstage, etc..... it just offers incedible bang for the buck. Is the new Copland cta 305 better, worse?
Thanks guys
I had the CSA(?)303 and it is a great pre. I do now have a 305 after having a Hovland HP 100 and find that it is keeping in the pedigree. The only thing is the trade-off of having remote control but not having a balance control. With my 303 I could get the vocals more focused. I would have to say keep your 301 unless you can get a smokin deal on a 305 and you really want the remote control.
Hi, Jwmazur. You had a Hovland before the 305? How did you find they compared? Thanks
Keep the Copland CTA301 MKII (with or without remote).
The Hovland had great speed. I have never had piano sound so great. It would also communicate the tension and release of the music. It just didn't have the holographic soundscape that the Copland had. I had the performers more in the room with me on the Copland. This company just does not get enough US exposure and that's all to the detriment of fellow 'philes.
Certainly makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that my Copland CTA301 mkII compares to the Almighty Hovland HP100. And to think I bought my Copland used at $900us (without remote option)with upgraded NOS tubes all around........I'm just tickled pink