cool picture of the day?

a travasity occurred today with neglecting to post the picture of the Jadis 500 mono block amplifiers listed today as a cool picture of the day. How are the pictures chosen?
Well, I've had a look ! Wow....!! I'll bet they will be in tomorrow's cool picture of the day. You're right, they are beautiful...! cordially, Richard....
It seems that "cool pix" of the day are electronically rotated to new ones every few hours. Hey, Agon moderators, am I right about the photo rotation?
Hmm, audio porn...why can't I bring myself to care about this?...
Fatparrot: you're right! The cool pics are added to a list, throughout the day. The cool pics on the NewToday page are automatically rotated, but loaded towards the BACK-END. Thus, a new ad that has been selected for cool pic does not actually appear immediately as a cool pic. But, as it is reaching 18-20 hours old, it will appear as a cool pic. The idea being that new ads get a lot of attention in the first few hours anyway. The cool pics bring attention to ads that are about to drop off the NewToday page. There are also cool pics within each specific category. They are displayed if that slot has not been purchased by an advertiser.